Strategy for High Growth Organizations


AT LASS ADVISORY SERVICES we focus on serving organizations seeking to scale rapidly.  The strategic requirements and direction of a company shift as the organization moves through the classic growth stages from new venture to mature firm.  We identify four stages of growth, each with distinct characteristics and demands.  

One of the leading causes of organizational failure is the inability to transition from one growth stage to the next.  Every aspect of the organization is involved in each transition, but leadership and strategy are two of the most important variables.  We work with senior leaders to ensure the strategic plan and planning process are appropriate to take the organization to the next level and beyond.  We combine the use of empirical assessment tools with senior executive mentoring to build strategy self-sufficiency into the organization’s DNA.



Our mission is to help clients develop and execute effective growth strategies. 

our mission

Our practice is built around the premise that good strategy must be practical and executable.

strategy that works

Our clients range in size from early-stage technology start-ups to mature Fortune 500 firms.

whom we serve


The following is a partial list of clients we have served in recent years.  Our practice spans diverse industries, including financial services, retail, healthcare, data analytics, and e-commerce.  We serve a mix of firms at every stage of development, from early stage to mature, which provides us with deep insights into the skills and processes required to transition from one stage to the next.

John Lass’ facilitation and penetrating questions dramatically improved our strategic planning process. John allowed us to concentrate on the highest level strategic questions, while effectively guiding the discussion to specific, actionable resolutions. I highly recommend John for your next strategic planning session!