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why busting silos is so difficult, and why it is so important

For the past thirty years, CEOs have recognized “silo mentality” causes different business functions and teams to march according to different drum beats. The resulting dysfunction torpedoes achievement of organizational objectives and the ability to compete effectively.


the buck stops where? - fundamentals of good governance

I facilitate planning processes for organizations ranging from credit unions to Fortune 500 firms. The same question applies to each:  What is the role of the board and what is the role of management?


a fintech deal worth watching

While securitization has its own volatility, it has proven more stable than relying upon a limited universe of investors who may simply be chasing yield.


use technology to achieve scale in financial literacy

Somewhere between one half to two-thirds of all adult consumers in the U.S. lack a basic understanding of what compound interest is.


car sharing is here now

The FT reports that Uber is preparing to launch autonomous cars in San Francisco that will carry paying passengers.  The Uber cars will have a person sitting in the driver’s seat to monitor performance and intervene if necessary, but the car will be self-driving and will collect passengers via the Uber app.


why driverless cars matter to credit unions

I had been hearing about autonomous cars for some time, but as they say: “Seeing is believing.”  This is a technology sector that has attracted massive capital and is developing at light speed.


are you ready for omni-channel version 2.0?

If customer centricity is critical to omni-channel success - and I am convinced this is the case - this might be an appropriate time to step back and listen to what customers are saying.

Server Installation

seven questions to ask before you invest in data

The importance of data as a competitive strategy tool is nothing new.  Two hundred years ago Napoleon said:  “War is information.”


surf's up: take the long view on fintech disruption

What could the big wave of financial disruption look like? Physicist Niels Bohr said: “Prediction is difficult, especially about the future.” 


a must read new york times article

“Should I finally remove multibillion-dollar, profit-making corporations from my day-to-day financial life once and for all?”


when is a branch visit "bad" for business?

In our view, every credit union should closely evaluate member behavior patterns to understand how best to serve members’ needs as the digital shift occurs.  


why "3" is a magic number: focus your planning

I explained that sharp focus is absolutely critical to long-term success, and that this focus must begin with the planning process.  

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