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MANY CONSULTING FIRMS focus on delivering a scalable, repeatable process to client firms, regardless of differences among clients.

Their primary purpose is to achieve economies of scale for the consultant.  In order to maximize profit, consultants typically:

  • Minimize time spent by senior partners

  • Maximize time spent by junior consultants

  • Offer pre-packaged solutions presented as a customized solutions


That approach can make sense if the client needs include:

  • Extensive third-party support for analytics

  • Labor intensive projects

  • Outsourcing key functions

  • Specific subject-matter expertise

HOWEVER, the traditional approach breaks down if the real client need is true strategic thinking.  Because differentiation is the essence of strategy, a pre-packaged solution is antithetical to truly effective strategy development.  In our view, there is no substitute for a hands-on approach.

Our practice emphasizes a client-centered approach to strategy development built upon the following principles:

  • We are flexible and responsive to our client needs and changing market and competitive conditions

  • We act as facilitators of the strategy process, but recognize that senior management must “own” the process

  • We emphasize open and clear communications throughout the process



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