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IN MANY CASES a firm fails to achieve critical strategic priorities because members of the senior management team are not aligned or in agreement regarding what those strategic priorities should be.  This can occur in organizations of any size, but it is particularly prevalent in rapidly scaling organizations that have expanded their workforce and recruited new senior leaders from outside organizations.  In these cases it is not unusual for the founders’ vision for the organization to become obscured.  Before long, various units within the business begin marching to their own drumbeat.

OUR ASSESSMENT TOOLS and interview process provide a laser-like diagnosis of the degree of understanding and alignment around the firm’s vision, mission and strategy.  We utilize our proprietary ACTUATE process to ensure alignment via these critical steps:

  • Articulate what the strategy is

  • Communicate the strategy throughout the organization

  • Teach the key elements of the strategy    

  • Understand the strategy deeply

  • Agree upon the key strategic priorities

  • Translate the strategic priorities into the business plan of action

  • Execute the plane

Our mission is to not only discover and develop a powerful differentiated strategy for the firm, but also to ensure that the strategy is feasible and can be effectively implemented by the organization.  Gaining internal alignment is a key step in that process.

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