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IT SOUNDS SIMPLE, doesn’t it – the idea that strategy should actually work for the client.  Sadly, there are many reasons why business strategies fail or are never implemented in the first place.  Here is a short list:

  • The strategy was never appropriate given the firm’s strengths and weaknesses

  • The “wrong people” developed the strategy

  • Senior leadership never aligned to support the strategy

  • In Peter Drucker’s words, “culture ate the strategy for breakfast”


And the list goes on.  


In his outstanding book The Financial Times Guide to Strategy, Richard Koch states the following: “A new strategy has to be adapted to real-life relationships between people, gradually introduced and crafted and re-crafted as circumstances change and the validity of the underlying assumptions is tested, proved or disproved.  This is only likely to work if those pursuing the new strategy not only understand and believe in it, but also have the authority and confidence to develop and/or dump parts of it as commercial life evolves.”


OUR PRACTICE is built around the premise that good strategy must be practical, pragmatic and executable in the context of the organization’s total situation.  Anything less is a waste of corporate time and resource.

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