"Mistakes in operations and tactics can be corrected, but political and strategic mistakes live forever.” - Millett and Murray, Lessons of War



AT LASS ADVISORY SERVICES we work with clients seeking to scale their organizations rapidly.  We identify four distinct stages of growth - from early-stage to mature - and work with senior leaders to ensure the strategic plan and planning process are appropriate to take the organization to the next level and beyond.  We embrace the cardinal rule that strategy must be feasible.  We work closely with management to achieve alignment around key priorities with an emphasis on execution and accountability.


For the past five years we have been privileged to work not only with established financial institutions but also with some of the world’s leading Fintech innovators including LendingClub, WePay, Nerdwallet, and more.  This experience enables us to act as a bridge between Silicon Valley and global Fintechs on the one hand, and our established FI clients on the other.  We specialize in helping our clients on both sides of this bridge understand how to most effectively bring new ideas and technologies to established markets.


We use proprietary tools to drive highly effective planning processes.  We excel at facilitating the strategy process, while recognizing that management must own every step of the process.  Our objective is to see strategy in action.


OUR MISSION is to help clients develop and execute effective growth strategies. 

OUR PRACTICE is built around the premise that good strategy must be practical and executable.

OUR CLIENTS range in size from early-stage technology start-ups to mature Fortune 500 firms.


Our practice spans diverse industries, including financial services, retail, healthcare, data analytics, and e-commerce.  We serve a mix of firms at every stage of development, from early stage to mature, which provides us with deep insights into the skills and processes required to transition from one stage to the next.

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why busting silos is so difficult, and why it is so important

For the past thirty years, CEOs have recognized “silo mentality” causes different business functions and teams to march according to different drum beats. The resulting dysfunction torpedoes achievement of organizational objectives and the ability to compete effectively.


the buck stops where? - fundamentals of good governance

I facilitate planning processes for organizations ranging from credit unions to Fortune 500 firms. The same question applies to each:  What is the role of the board and what is the role of management?


why driverless cars matter to credit unions

I had been hearing about autonomous cars for some time, but as they say: “Seeing is believing.”  This is a technology sector that has attracted massive capital and is developing at light speed.