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OUR CLIENTS RANGE in size from early-stage technology start-ups to mature Fortune 500 level organizations.  They span a variety of industries including:  insurance, banking, retail, communications, data management, healthcare, transportation and others.  Regardless of size or industry sector, our primary objective is to deliver a strategy that is feasible and executable given the client’s resources and constraints.  We call our approach Client-Centered Consulting.       

In their excellent book Leading at the Speed of Growth, Matthews and Catlin define four stages of organizational growth:

  1. Start-up

  2. Initial growth

  3. Rapid growth

  4. Continuous growth

We utilize this model to deliver strategic planning, leadership development and organizational change management that are appropriate for the specific stage of growth of the client.  Our Capacity to Scale assessment tool is geared to provide insight and advice suited to the client’s current growth stage, and to identify gaps where the organization is lagging in its development

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